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Specialist in Cast Parts for

Incineration Plants

LIDER Casting / W2E (EfW)

LIDER Casting Co. has a Know-How for more than 15 years and over
2 mio. casting products worldwide in the W2E (EfW)  industry.

Lider Casting / Industry

Products for the W2E 

Our company is not just a foundry in the usual, but one of the biggest producers in Europe of finished products for and around the combustion chamber (boiler) in W2E power plants.
We are not only a producer and supplier, but serve as a ''Solution Partner''...


Located in the beautiful city Istanbul next to Europe and in the middle of the world.


More than 80 employees work in our team with metallurgical and mechanical engineers.

Semi-Automatic Moulding Machine

Owning a Semi-Automatic Moulding Machine with the newest technology for  the mass production. 


As a Solution Partner...
- We are listening to you!
- We have a Know-How of over 15 years & over 2 Mio. wear parts
- After delivery and installation;
we will not leave you alone!

Who are our customers?

Plant Builders as well as End Customers of the
• W2E Plants
• Coal Fired Plants
• Cement Plants
• Biomass Heating Plants

LIDER Casting / High Quality

LIDER Casting / High Quality

High Quality

Thanks to our experience with customers worldwide for over 15 years, we have grown into a global company that produces at the highest European Standards and owns the worldwide required Certifications.

We have a Know-How in the casting Industry for more than 55 years.
Therefore we know your demands and have always a solution in hand! 

How we do it?

We are always working according to a plan and deliver Just-In-Time!
Our company produces in the Highest Standarts and the Requested Quality.

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According to our experience of half a century.

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Post-Casting Processes
& Technologies

We use the newest Technologies in our production.

LIDER Casting / Products


• Grate Firing Systems
• Cooling Plates
• Stokers 
• Supplies 
• Nozzles
• Tube Protections 
and much more...

LIDER Casting

Worldwide References

• Switzerland
• Germany
• Austria
• France

and more than 26 countries.


''Factory Istanbul'' is 1.200m² and located in Istanbul next to Europe and in the middle of the world.

''Factory Sakarya'' is more than 11.000m², located next to Istanbul in the province of Sakarya and will be opened in the year of 2021.

Quality Control 

All required controls are reported to our customers, such as chemical composition values, machanical test results and much more...

Connect with us

Please contact us any time you have any issue or question.
We would be happy to help you.

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