Post-Casting Processes & Technologies

Post-Casting Processes & Technologies 

The Cast Parts are transferred to the Mechanical Workshop to be finalized.
Sarting with the Surface Cleaning, seperating the Risers and Runners, Rough and Fine Grinding, Gauging, optional Machining and ending with Quality Control.
The Parts are prepared according to the International Standards.

Post-Casting Processes & Technologies / Cutting


The Risers, the Runners and the besides Equipments are seperated from the part.

Post-Casting Processes & Technologies / Robotic Grinding

Robotic Grinding

A Robot is used to grind the cast part.
According to requestments and high order quantity,
we are able to gauge the parts using our Robotic Grinding System.

Machining & Robotic Grinding System
in Action

Post-Casting Processes & Technologies / Manuel Grinding (Finishing)

Manuel Grinding (Finishing)

The rough grinded parts are now grinded in detail by using mounted points (diamond and ceramic types), different sizes of angle grinders etc.

Post-Casting Processes & Technologies / Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting

For the Surface Cleaning Operations, 
Hanger Type Shot and Drum Blasting Machines are used.

Post-Casting Processes & Technologies / Machining


According to the dimensional and surface quality requirements of the technical drawings,
the Machining Processes, as well as the Drilling and Tapping 
Processes will be applied with different types of Machines.
All parts are controlled for dimensional and surface quality 
by our Quality Control Departement.

Post-Casting Processes & Technologies / Quality Control

Quality Control

All controls are applied by our own Quality Control Departement.
The Chemical Composition Values (CCV) of the samples are taken from molten metal before casting and are checked by a Spectrometer. In addition, the molten metal temperature is kept under control by regular measurements.

The dimensional controls are provided in the manufacturing stages of the products before the final control processes.

As final control applications;
• Dimensional Control
• Non-Destructive testing methods
- Liquid Penentrant Examination
- Radiographic Examination
• Mechanical Tests
- Hardness Tests
- Tensile Tests
- Notch Impact Tests

All required controls are reported to our customers, such as chemical composition values, machanical test results and much more...

Post-Casting Processes & Technologies / Packaging


The Finished Products are packed according to the requests (Wooden Boxes, EUR Pallets etc.) of the customers and made ready for Shipment (organized by our Transporting Departement) and transferred to our Stock Area.

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