LIDER Casting 


We have a Automatic Line with a Sand Mixer of 10 t/h and
5 t/h capacity for Resin Moulding. 

Our foundry has 2 induction furnaces with a capacity of 1 t each of them. 

We are able to cast parts from 0.5 kg up to 1.500 kg.
Our casting capacity is more than 3.500 t/year.

Casting / Pattern Production

Pattern Production

The Pattern and Core Boxes of the product are build of aluminum, wood or thermoset material according to the requirements.

Casting / Moulding


Resin Moulding Process is realized with one of the sand mixer with 10 t/h capacity intergrated to the semi-automatic line and a mixer with 5 t/h capacity intergrated to the manuel line. The Semi-Automatic Moulding Line ensures the Standard Quality and efficient Operations in mass production.

Casting / Core


Besides the handmade Cores,
we make Shell Cores  in our Core Shop. 
Also we have a Cold Box Core Machine for moulding
Tube Protections.

Casting / Preparation Before Casting

Preparation Before Casting

Our moulds are made ready for casting by our Professional Team, by applying the right dyeing and drying techniques after placing the cores which are prepared in our core shop.
After the final checks, the casting process is starting.

Casting / Melting – Casting

Melting – Casting

We have 2 induction furnaces (600 kW/h) with a capacity of
1 ton each of them. We are able to cast frome 0.5 kg up to 1,500 kg. During the melting process, chemical compositions and temperature measurements are applied regularly.
The casting process is realized according to the required standards.

Casting / Shake-out and Sand Reclamation

Shake-out and
Sand Reclamation

After the casting process, the molds are waiting for a suitable time for Solidification. 
After Solidification they will sent to the Sand Reclamation Area. Here, the molding sand is separated from the casting and reintroduced into the molding system.
The Cast Parts will be transferred to the Post-Casting Processes.

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